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Everybody in America has heard about Walmart, one of the largest world retailers. It operates hypermarkets, grocery, and department shops that offer different types of goods - from food to general merchandise. But there's one more important segment where Walmart works - the pharmacy services. 

In 1978, Walmart began to become the superstore that we know today, covering more American territory (in 1977, Illinois was the 10th state where Walmart spread its activity). That was then the first Walmart pharmacy opened its doors. For today, Walmart operates 4,865 pharmacies only in the United States.

The Walmart pharmacy services include a $4 prescription program, specialty pharmacy, flu shots, immunizations, care clinics, medical therapy management, medications for pets, etc. Below, you'll find brief information about all the services. 

The $4 prescription is a special program of a 30-day medicine supply for $4 cost and a 90-day supply for $10 cost. These supplies include covered generic medicines at regularly prescribed dosages. In case you want higher dosages, they are costlier. In several states, the prices of some medications that the Prescription Program covers may be different. The full list of the medicines included in the program you can find in the Walmart website's special section.

Walmart Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to specialty pharmacy services and home shipping for patients with severe living conditions. The amount of diseases that the specialty pharmacy service includes is not limited. Walmart helps to manage cancer, Crohn's illness, anemia, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, etc. 

The other important service that Walmart Pharmacy offers is flu shots and immunization. Nowadays, it's rather crucial due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On 12th February, Walmart, with its partner, Sam's Club, started a program of Covid-19 immunization. The company plans that almost 20,000 druggists will vaccinate millions of Americans every month - on the condition that there will be available doses. To vaccinate everyone, especially in small towns, as fast as it can be, Walmart cooperates with the governmental program, due to which Walmart pharmacies in 22 states receive vaccines straight from the injection makers. In 13 states, the company works with the state vaccination programs that include Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. At the end of February, Walmart started an injection company in 28 states. If you want to get flu shots, coronavirus, or other vaccination, you can schedule on the Walmart website.

At Walmart Pharmacy, you can also purchase medications for pets. There are more than 3,000 goods in stock at low prices every day with a 100% satisfaction guarantee in Walmart stores. Walmart Pharmacies offer high-quality pet meds of different brands, like Bravecto, Nexgard, Sentinel, and others. If you prefer shopping online for its customers, Walmart offers free 2-day delivery if your purchase is over $35.  

If you have any questions about medication, Walmart Pharmacy provides you with the service of Medical Therapy Management. It allows you to consult with doctors about any medication concerns. This service doesn't require any extra costs, and often they're included in the benefits of the insurance.

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