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Today electronic bank deposits, universal ATMs, and tap-to-pay checkouts are the fast and efficient ways to transfer and collect money. Still, sometimes it’s important to transfer or receive cash. Western Union is amongst the biggest and the oldest money transfer platforms. It supports both consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business solutions. The consumer-to-consumer division transfers funds between two users, whereas the Business Solutions section allows remittance and global transaction solutions. The multi-currency and real-time co-operations of the organization are seen as a sole interconnected system.

History of Western Union

In 1851, Western Union was born as a New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company. The name was modified to Western Union after five years, and it was in 1871 that funds transfer was introduced. Western Union was the earliest telegraph firm to form a trans-American line across North America.

In the New York stock market, Western Union was among the first to trade. Its money transfer began to overtake the telegram service by 1980 and dramatically became its principal purpose. The first website for money transfers was launched in 2000, and following that, Western Union extended to more than 500,000 representatives worldwide. Despite the competition, Western Union is still the most significant and wide-reaching money transfer organization.

Business Directions

Holding instant name acceptance worldwide, Western Union has more than 500,000 spots in 200 countries into which the clients can transfer money in person, by telephone, or using the Western Union website. There are a few circumstances on which the charges can be reasonable or abrupt, and this constitutes the form of cash, how swiftly currency is delivered, whether it is funded or wired to the bank, and where it is released.

The exchange rate is also viewed as a component of risk to the expense for worldwide transfers. For regional transfers, if one spends cash at a Western Union agency and the beneficiary picks up the money, then the charge is different from the funds retired from an online bank account. It can cost more to use a credit or debit card and depends on the transferred amount. It is further worth noting that the foreign transfer fee of the Western Union also fluctuates extensively.

How Big is Western Union?

Having more than 500,000 places encompassing the world, Western Union is nevertheless the most considerable money transferring business. Their online transactional services are open in about 33 nations to send funds to over 200 countries. They made 255 million transactions by 2014, moving $85 billion amongst the users and securing 484 million business payments.


Since its initiation in 1851, Western Union enjoyed 170 thriving years up to date. Despite having a lot of competition, Western Union is still considered the leader in the trade, and people anticipate them to prevail in the near future. Nevertheless, the more economical and tinier money transfer businesses have risen, but Western Union's reliability, use of technology, and massive chain make it a preferred choice.


Can Western Union be applied for business?

Business clients can make their worldwide payments in numerous currencies through Western Union. Entrepreneurs and business proprietors can also view international money accommodating balances. As a result, people can receive cash in multiple currencies and retain the capital till they need it.

Can we transfer money by Western Union online?

Western Union makes it viable for its consumers to transfer funds online 24/7. At the Western Union Agent Location, the recipient can pick up the money or send money to the receiver's bank account.

Is Western Union considered to be a reliable way of transferring money?

In order to send funds to the individuals you know and trust, Western Union is perfect. Anyone can instantly bring cash to a Western Union representative, add all the data online or use a phone to track the transaction.

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