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Sometimes we badly want to taste fast food. And we hope you have the same desire too. Here the question comes – where can we taste the most delicious fast food? Today, many places offer good fast food, but Whataburger takes a special place among them.

As we all know, the most successful are those who follow their dreams. This phrase significantly characterizes the Whataburger founder, Harmon Dobson, a young businessman dedicated to diamond trading, oil drifting, and shipbuilding. When all Americans were celebrating the coming of the New 1950 Year, he took a note in his diary that he hoped that this New Year would be an active and full-of-events year. And his dream came true – in spring, he became acquainted with Paul Burton, and together they decided to open a small, fast food café. Dobson wanted to make such burgers that would make everyone scream a phrase “What a burger!” after tasting it. In summer, they opened doors of the first Whataburger location in Texas, where the customers could taste chips, burgers, and beverages.

Dobson’s conception appeared to be very successful, and Whataburger started to expand beyond Texas. In the 1960s, there were forty restaurants. In the 1980s, its number reached 300. Today, there are over 800 various Whataburger locations in ten American states.

Now, let’s see what we can taste in Whataburger. When you come to its restaurant or enter its website, the first thing you’ll notice that its menu is extensive and rich. Maybe, there’s no other fast-food café with such a burger variety as Whataburger does – double and triple meat burger, burgers with cheese and bacon or jalapeno and cheese, etc. The core dishes are Whataburger, Whataburger Jr, Whatacatch, Justaburger, and Whatachick. The first two are the tastiest burgers that you’ll never eat anywhere. Whatacatch is a sandwich with fried fish, tomato, lettuce, and sauce. Justaburger is a beef burger with onion, mustard, and pickles. Whatachick is a chicken burger filled with tomato, lettuce, savory what sauce (cream sauce with a southern flavor), and crispy breading.

For those who like chicken, Whatachick is not the only option here. In Whataburger, you can also taste chicken fajita taco, grilled chicken melt and sandwich, chicken bites, and strips. Additionally, Whataburger has a great breakfast menu that includes taquito with cheese, biscuit sandwich, breakfast on a fun burger, and other dishes.

Some fast-food restaurants have a secret menu. It includes dishes that are not openly advertised and you’ll not find them on the main menu. In Whataburger, you’ll find such a menu. Its secret dishes are:

  • Bunless bacon cheeseburger.
  • Whatachick pancakes and strips.
  • Grilled vegetables with cheese.
  • Breakfast on a run in ranchero style.    

In Whataburger, you can eat tasty fast food and get rewards for it. How? It’s very simple. You need to install Whataburger mobile app and visit the restaurant five times. After that, Whataburger will offer you free rewards – cinnamon roll, medium fry, small shake, taquito with cheese of any flavor, and honey butter chicken biscuit

Typical Hours of Operation

Mo Open 24 hours
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Sa Open 24 hours
Su Open 24 hours

Locations: 810 locations in 31 states and 352 cities.


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