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All people around the globe like history, especially interesting items with fascinating stories. And for this purpose, they go to antique shops. Only they can offer you a thrilling experience of finding exclusive stuff that has its own story and serves as a reminder of past times.

What kind of items can we find in antique shops? Usually, they're specialized in a particular market segment (like jewelry, furniture or ornaments), but some shops can offer you something more (musical instruments, first-edition books, silverware etc.). The prices of antique products can vary depending on their quality and exclusivity.

And what is the source of antique assortment? In general, the retailers take it from auctions, property sales or flea markets. Before appearing on antique store shelves, the good can go through several dealers along the chain. As the assortment is exclusive, sometimes the retailers are ready to buy something from individuals.

How do the antique shops sell their items? Like everybody does - in regular stores, but the online-retailers predominate. They can be situated locally or inside an antique mall, the place where every retailer of antiques can create a small store or simply put his antique items for sale. In terms of work, these stores remind the consignment stores. They're often located in nearby areas; for example, in the same city (like New England) or the same street (like Portobello Road, London).

Now many customers prefer making purchases online, and for antique-lovers, it's not an exception. The development of e-commerce has facilitated the selling of antique items. As the statistics show, the Online Antiques & Collectibles Sales industry has experienced great growth in the last several years - in 2018, it gained $2 billion in incomes. The experts predict the industry will continue growing, and by 2024 it'll reach $9.32 billion worldwide.  

Where can I buy the unique antiques? Whether you're a collector or just a lover of antique goods, you don't have to spend plenty of time to search for the best stores. With us, you have a great list of top American antique shops with all their details - addresses, photos, assortment, prices, reviews.  Below we'll present you several good antique stores. If you want to know more about the others, just enter our section.

The Factory Antique Mall: Situated in Verona, VA, it's the largest American antique products mall. Its locations cover only one floor (the total square is more than 135,000 sq ft). The store's assortment is enormously various and always changing. It cooperates with more than 100 dealers of antique goods and collectibles. 

For more than 50 years, John Rosselli has been offering the exclusive antique items selected for its classic styling and ability to bring extraordinary personality to every place. Despite online market popularity, John Rosselli opts for brick-and-mortar stores: it means that its website demonstrates fewer products.

Foxglove Antiques:  If you're after European antiques, then move to Atlanta, as it's the only location of Foxglove Antiques.  Its assortment also includes handmade jewelry and original pieces of art.