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Thousands of people around the world like to create pieces of art – painting, drawing, sculpting or embroidering. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hobby or professionally; for this purpose, they always need the art supplies that help them bring their art to life. And this encourages going to the art supplies stores. 

The art supplies shops suggest a great range of art products that will satisfy all painters, designers, sculptors and all crafty folks. With a wide variety of art mediums, canvases, brushes, paints, surfaces, art accessories, sculpting and modelling supplies, there’ll be enough space for your imagination to play. 

During the last five years, the industry of art supplies has met a significant growth, and it seems it will continue to grow because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As many people have to stay home during the lockdown, and they spend their free time painting, drawing, craft, etc. The experts consider it as a new perspective of growth. They expect growth in CAGR of 4.5% and 1.6X in terms of value during the 2020 and 2030 years. 

Now there are some trends in the art supplies market that the stores have to follow. First of all, it’s online commerce. The fast development of e-commerce inspired many art supplies stores to open their outlets on the Internet. Some of them work just online as Blick, Daniel Smith, Jerry’s Artarama, Art Supply Warehouse or Amazon with a broader assortment than physical art stores have. The other trend is a move from budget products to ones of high quality. According to the experts, this trend will definitely cause the demand for luxury supplies for art during the next several years. The price of art supplies has become the secondary factor that the customers consider. The main elements are brand and quality when the customers shop art supplies. 

As the ecological theme is topical nowadays, the art supplies manufacturers try to follow the trend. Now they use the eco-friendly and non-toxic materials for producing art supplies. For example, the Onyx Green glue contains 88 per cent of non-toxic ingredients, and the product has a packaging based on plant. One of the famous art supplies makers, Faber Castell, created non-toxic colored EcoPencils, which are made from reforested wood. Chelsea Classic Studio uses oil for making all-natural paints. As there are no chemicals in them, the paints come with lavender spike oil, bringing a fantastic smell of lavender. By selling ecological art supplies, the stores make their own contribution to environmental protection. 

What are the best art supplies stores? On the market, there are a lot of stores that can offer you high-quality art supplies. It can take much of your time to find, but we’ve taken care of it. We’ve created a small guide on art supplies shops with addresses, photos, assortment, prices and reviews. So you don’t have to go, look for the art supplies store and browse over everything you could identify. All you need is to enter our section and take a look.