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Car washes allow us to have the convenience of keeping our cars clean without having to wash them ourselves. Some are convenient and cheap and provide simple car washing services that leave the car shining. Others provide more sophisticated services that not only leave the car clean but polished. 

Finding a car wash close to you can be difficult at times. This is especially if you want one that provides the specific service. Our website contains a list of all the car washes that are conveniently located near you. All you have to do is search for “Car wash near me” to find what you need. 

Tips for choosing a car wash

  1. Consider the kind of chemicals used to wash cars. 

Some chemicals can be abrasive to your paint job and can leave the surface of your car damaged. Avoid places that use chemical-heavy materials. 

  1. Consider the type of wastewater management applied

Pick a car wash that has a good wastewater management system. The best locations treat their wastewater before reusing it to wash cars. 

  1. Check the services offered

A typical car wash will provide cleaning services for your car exterior and tires. If you need extra services such as clear coat and rust protection, check to see that your preferred car wash offers such.


How much does a car wash cost? 

A basic car wash will typically cost you about $10. Additional services such as clear coat, waxing, and undercarriage wash can easily increase the price to $25 per wash. 

Do automatic car washes scratch your car? 

Where automatic car wash brushes are not well maintained, they could easily abrade your car’s paint. Brushes that slap your car hard can also leave deep scratches. 

Is it better to wash your car at home or at a car wash? 

Taking your car to a car wash may be environmentally safer. This is especially where the car wash employs a waste management system. Washing your car by yourself at home could see you wasting a lot of water and time.