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Everybody likes to receive gifts, let’s confess - everybody. Even someone claims he doesn’t want any gift for the birthday or any other holiday; he’ll definitely feel so excited when you give him a unique and special gift. That’s why the gift shops exist – to present something that makes any moment of someone’s life happy.

The assortment of gift shops is various – from decorative mugs with a printed picture or hand-painted, stuffed animals, toys, t-shirts, greeting cards to handmade collections, or personal care items. Now the assortment is getting broader – smartwatches, headphones, solar power banks, or 3D puzzles. There are so many gift ideas that we cannot count them on the fingers. And they can serve in so many ways – as a gift, or as a memento of the visit, or as home decoration, or just stand on the shelf.  We’ll get tired of counting them all.

Where can you find gift shops? Generally, there are several locations of them. First of all, you can find the gift shop in places that the tourists most visit, as they are one of the primary resources of gift shops revenue. Many American hotels have stores of gifts near their entrance. In such places as national parks, zoos, theme parks, oceanarium, museums, airports, or even hospitals you can also come across the gift shops; sometimes their assortment includes the high-value articles that are not related to these particular places.

Primarily started as small stores in airports and areas of tourists, the gift shops industry grew up to a multimillion business. Only in 2016, the revenue of the gift market reached $131.3 billion. The experts expect it to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9% between 2018 and 2022. Except for the tourist, the other revenue source is the holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Thanksgiving Day. But the gift shops are not the only who want to make money during the holiday seasons. There’s a practice in the US when the non-originally gift shops turn into gift shops on holidays with a range of gifts for a limited time.

Choosing the perfect gift can be difficult sometimes, as in the US there are more than 22,500 gift shops. Let’s not forget there’s such a variety of gift ideas and gift shops everywhere starting from Amazon, Cost Plus World Market or HomeGoods and ending with MoMA Design Store, Pier 1or Craft Wonderland. To ease this task, we’ve made a special section where you can find the best gift shop with the best gift assortment. Here you will know where the nearest from your house gift stores are, what ideas for gifts they suggest; you will also receive the consultation and know the customers’ views. As e-commerce is popular now, we also offer a list of online gift shops where you can also find interesting gift ideas. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research on gist stores. Take a look and make any moment of your life special!