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For the last few years, a healthy lifestyle has become a real trend. People now realize the importance of their health: although many people lead a sedentary lifestyle, more humans choose a proactive way of life. That's why the gyms and fitness clubs are increasing in size and popularity every single day.

If we look at statistics, we can admit that Americans do visit gyms and take care of their health. Nationwide there are more than 41.000 gyms and health clubs. You can find 64.19 million Americans who do sport regularly in these gyms, and 6.1 million from this amount take part in an exercise or fitness-related classes.

These figures affect the total incomes of the gym industry. In 2016 the US gyms with fitness clubs gained $27.6 billion. We could say that the industry prospers, but Covid-19 made some changes. To adapt new rules of life, the gyms started to offer new methods for training - streaming lessons. And as life shows, it will remain for a long time and change the industry forever, even despite more than 75% of people returning to gyms after the pandemic ends. 

Although the gyms face some challenges now, the experts are very optimistic. They expect the gym industry will grow in CAGR of almost 4% by 2024. And people's understanding that health is essential will contribute to that.

The gyms specialize not only in collective training. They also offer services of private lessons and instructions both for individuals and groups. The gym services also include personal trainers who provide exclusive attention to all gym visitors. The demand for personal trainers continuously increases as people want to reach their sport aims in a short time.  

There are more than 41.000 gyms, as we know. And what are the best? What gyms do have the best trainers? What are budget-friendly? Where can I achieve quick and quality sports results? Thanks to us, you don't have to spend much time to search for the answers. Below we've created a special section about all American gyms with all sorts of information about them. All you have to do is to have a look and choose. Below we'll give some best gyms. About the others, you can read in our section.

- LA Fitness: It's been in operation since 1983 with more than 700 locations across America. The gym has an excellent reputation for the gym that can offer high-quality services for beginners and average gym customers. LA Fitness services include weight and cardio training, group and individual classes. In some of their gyms, you'll find a court for basketball, racquetball, pool, sauna and childcare. 

- 24 Hour Fitness: With 433 locations, they offer all-day access. So you can use their equipment for weight and cardio training, spinning room, basketball court or pool at any time convenient for you. 

- Anytime Fitness: It's one of the largest and fastest in growing franchise gym chains. It runs more than 4000 locations nationwide and, like 24 Hour Fitness, offers all-day access.