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Are you looking for swimming pool chemicals, want to change the locks and keys, or buy some building materials to repair your house? Then you need to visit a hardware store nearby, and our directory will help you find the best location. Sometimes people call hardware shops DIY stores, and these usually are brick-and-mortar shops offering materials and tools for constructing, renovating, or supporting various constructions. 

What can you buy in a hardware store near you? Customers can purchase various household hardware to improve their home: power tools, hand tools, building materials, fasteners, plumbing supplies, hinges, chains, locks and keys, electrical supplies, stoves, housewares, cleaning items, tools, paint, utensils, garden and lawn products. 

Often you can also see items specific for your regions like fishing and hunting, ranch and farm, boating, and marine supplies. You can sometimes find chemicals and accessories for swimming pools, homebrewing fermentation tanks, and kits. Pet food, animal feed, plants, and products for babies are among those you can see in hardware stores. If you need building materials like fencing, roofing materials, or flooring, larger hardware shops have those for sale.

Earlier, there were more hardware stores across the US, and currently, four leading national suppliers. Do It  Best, True Value and Ace Hardware brands operate as cooperatives and Orgill. Retailers’ cooperative model assumes that the members (independent businesses) share marketing expenses while buying together, so they can offer their discounts. 

American hardware stores are popular because they sometimes provide additional services. Among them are repairing windows or broken screens, lawn-movers, duplicate house, car keys, fixing lamps and vacuum cleaners’ wires, sharpening your kitchen knives and cutlery, and repairing kerosene heaters and plumbing pipes.

Whatever you need in the hardware shop nearby, our directory will help you find the store quickly and easily!