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Jewelry has always been and still is something important for people. It’s not just an ornament that they wear. It’s something more as it always has a special meaning – it can be a present from the favorite one or a gift from parents. It can mean the important date in someone’s life, the relationship statues or it can serve as a way of expression or part of the image. That’s why when choosing the customers are very selective in finding their perfect jewelry. 

Jewelry industry has always met an incredible rise. According to Gran View Research, before the entire world started fighting against Covid-19, it was expected that the jewelry industry would reach $480.5 billion by 2025. Even though the jewelry stores were closed during the quarantine, the prognosis is optimistic – the experts expect the industry to experience growth in the nearest future. 

In the jewelry segment there two main subcategories – fine jewelry and costume jewelry. The difference between them lies in the material used for its creation. The fine jewelry is always made from the natural, valuable metal like gold, silver or platinum. Also, the goldsmiths can use original precious gemstones – diamonds, aquamarine, emerald, topaz and others. Since the precious metals and gemstones are the heart of the fine jewelry making, it’s much more robust, and it doesn’t lose its color when properly saved. Besides, you can always repair it on occasion. It’ll be very suitable for special life moments – engagements, weddings, birthdays, any event that has a special meaning for you. The industry offers a lot of amazing fine jewelry makers - Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Georg Jensen and others. 

The costume jewelry (or known as fashion jewelry, imitation and fake jewelry) in contrast can be created from any kind of material - brass, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel, or even plastic. It’s not as durable as the fine jewelry, and it can tarnish very quickly. When broken, it’s almost impossible to repair it, so it’s better to buy something new. As for the price, here the costume jewelry is winning – it comes at lower prices than the fine jewelry. Swarovski, Chanel, or Michael Kors – these are several brands that offer costume jewelry. With it, you’ll always follow the modern fashion trends. 

You can spend a lot of time looking for the jewelry store that will satisfy all your needs, but we don’t want you to do it – we’ve kept your time and done it instead of you. In this section, we’ve collected the best fine jewelry and costume jewelry stores where you can buy the perfect accessory for you. Here you can know everything about them – where they are located and where is the nearest store to you. You can also take a look at the assortment and its prices. You’ll also be able to read the customer’s feedback and decide what is more suitable for you. So take a look and buy!