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Sometimes on Fridays evenings, or when meeting friends, or celebrating anything special, we'd like to relax and drink something. Here the liquor stores come to help us. With their variety of stiff and soft beverages, we can make the moment pleasant and unforgettable. 

Beer, wine, champagne, whisky, spirits and flavoured malt drinks – it's not all that the liquor stores can offer. In prestigious neighbourhoods, the liquor shops have a particular space for wines and displays, and you can also take part in tasting wine or educational classes. You can also buy soft drinks, cigarettes, mixers, and stuff for making cocktails with wine keys, short glasses and shakers in such shops. The liquor stores in some American states also sell food. 

The American legislation in terms of liquor stores is very strict. It applies not only to the sale of alcohol and work of liquor stores but also to these shops' structure. In Connecticut, for example, the private liquor stores are considered single retailers, which can sell wine and spirits. If you want to buy beer, in these shops you won't find it; you'll have to go for it to the grocery shop. In case you're in California, Nevada or Florida State, you'll be able to buy all kinds of drinks – wine, beer, whisky, champagne, whatever you want.

Are the liquor stores profitable business? Sure it is and has always been. Even the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 affected it. Gary's Wine & Marketplace, located in New Jersey, told that after the pandemic began, during the week ending March 15, the liquor store experienced a growth of 62% in overall sales, 20% growth in overall in-store foot traffic and a 300% increase in local delivery and pickup orders. The data science company Womply made a report that during the first pandemic week, the liquor stores' revenue increased to 145% at an annual rate. So for Americans, alcohol is essential, especially in tough times.

And what drinks do Americans prefer to buy in the liquor shops? According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, it's whiskey. During the lockdown 2020 year the sales of Tennessee whiskey and rye whiskey increased to $4.3 billion in comparison with other alcoholic beverages. So thanks to liquor stores and online markets the whiskey today celebrates in America its golden age.

 Do you want to find the liquor store that offers not only basic beverages like beer, but also some exquisite drinks like wine or champagne? Considering the fact that there are more than 42,000 liquor stores across the USA, it is so hard. But you're not alone - we're here to help you with that. In one guide you have the best liquor stores with their locations (in case you don't want to leave your home for long, we give you a possibility to find the nearest one), descriptions, what drinks they offer, price policy (from low to expensive), and customers' reviews – everything you need to know when visiting the liquor shops and buying the beverages.