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Nothing depends on everything we do more than our health. And here the medical labs are crucial. As the healthcare market research company, Kalorama Information reports that doctors can diagnose more than 80% of illnesses based on the medical labs testing. In the United States, more than 200,000 medical labs operate.

As we can see, the medical labs' industry is very competitive and varied. The experts determine several types of medical labs. The labs based on the hospitals are leaders in providing testing (55% of the entire volume) and cover just 5% of American labs' total number. The independent labs comprise the smallest part of all labs (with 3%) with 32% performing testing. The physician office labs are the biggest part of the medical laboratory industry as its total amount reaches more than 100,000. They comprise 53% of all American labs and provide 8% of testing. There are also local labs of public health and labs in ambulatory surgery centers, agencies of home health, hospices, blood banks and others. Although they account for the significant part of the total labs' number, they perform only 5% of all testing. 

What kind of testing do these medical labs provide? If we look at statistics, the most common tests the patients make are blood and urine testing, deterring level of cholesterol, HIV tests, pap, pregnant and substance abuse tests. The medical labs also offer speciality testing service - it applies to genetics, oncology, immunology and other spheres. 

If we analyze all the medical activity that we do, the medical labs testing comprise the significant part. Nowadays it's really obvious in terms of Covid-19 pandemic. Each year the laboratories make 13 billion tests. And with Covid-19 the load has increased - after pandemic started, the labs have made around 213 million tests. As practice shows, we shouldn't underestimate lab testing as all medical decisions, and our lives depend on it.

All American medical labs provide the best quality services. Here we've collected all information about them – where they are located, what tests you can do there, their price policy and patients' feedback. Below, we'll show some of the best ones; the others are presented in our section.

LabCorp is considered one of the biggest medical labs – in terms of locations and a variety of tests. They serve not only individuals but also hospitals, government structures, managed care organizations etc.

Sanofi Genzyme is a company that develops therapeutics and provides tests for blood disorders, multiple sclerosis, oncology, and immunology. They aim to satisfy all medical needs and discover new options for testing and treatment. It's headquartered in Cambridge, MA with locations in more than 100 countries.      

Abbot Laboratories is not only the medical lab; it's a producer of medical equipment, nutritional products, and branded generic pharmaceuticals. It's also one of the leading companies that provide tests of Covid-19 worldwide. 

Clarient Inc. specializes in performing testing for oncology and diagnostics for colorectal cancer and mutation analyzes. Also, its activity applies to exploring pulmo-type conditions for health care facilities and biopharmaceutical organizations.