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Once in your life, you have moved somewhere, or you'll move in future. Those who have done it know that this process is not very simple. And you need to find such a mover company that will facilitate this process. That's why we're here. Below we'll give a short description of the mover industry and a list of the best movers you can use at any time.

How many mover companies are in America? According to the American Moving & Storage Association, there're more than 7000 moving firms. What does it mean? It means that the industry is rather competitive, and for Americans the moving process is regular. This number of organizations also suggests that more of these companies are small businesses. Big moving firms are a small part of the amount (less than 10%). If we do in-depth research, we'll see that mostly the industry is operated by entrepreneurs.


What are the most common ways of moving? Again, if we look at statistics, we'll see that most Americans prefer a do-it-yourself method of moving (45% of Americans). Those who opt for professional movers are 22%; 33% prefer renting a moving truck. We should confess - for us, it's rather surprising.

Who uses the services of movers? The primary customer is individuals (more than 40%). The other customer types are a little less - corporate (38%), military (16%) and other federal government (2%).

What thing do Americans mostly move? AMA claims that commonly Americans move articles for home (73%). The devices such as desktops, copiers and other things are 20%. The exhibit and office things are less moving items (6% and 1%, respectively).

 When do Americans use the services of movers? The most common time is summer, between the first days of May and Labor Day - around 50% of all moves occur in this period.

 Now we've come to the most crucial question - what are the top moving companies among these 7,000? Below we'll give you some great organizations. You'll find their detailed information and other moving companies after entering our section.

- American Van Lines aim to become the only resource for the whole process of moving. Their services include moving on different distances across the country or abroad and storage and assistance in auto shipping. Their movers do all the best to satisfy the customers' requirements following the principle - the customers always come first.

- Allied Van Lines is a top moving company in corporate relocation services, moving of household items and specialized transportation. It's a company of full services - packing, loading, unpacking and transporting. The company also offers the service of delivering customized corporate relocation.

- PODS is a leader in the moving industry. It offers residential and commercial services in American 46 states, Canada, UK and Australia. The company is known for creating portable storage, the new and flexible storage method. If choosing this moving company, be sure that it will provide moving and storage services with the way you need it with limitless time, control and space.