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Where is the closest pharmacy near me? We can ask this being worried and urgently requiring some drugs or wishing to make a planned visit. Our directory is the fastest and easiest way to answer this question. Thousands of local pharmacies are collected into the directory to help thousands of people find the best solutions. We have prepared a list of legal drug stores to protect you and your family’s health. You will not get a low-quality drug, buying professionally approved medicament nearby.

Though online pharmacies gain popularity, offline drug stores still benefit from some advantages. Like, you can get qualified advice from the personnel and sometimes have your drug changed. There are three cases when a pharmacist can substitute the drug that your doctor prescribed. They are therapeutic substitution, generic substitution, and pharmaceutical compounding.

Therapeutic substitution changes your drug for the drug of the same class and the same effect. You can do this if your insurance formulary does not include some brands. However, this action often involves coordination with your doctor to follow the laws of the state. The pharmacist also can help you save and substitute branded medicament with generics. Such a change is possible with or without prior consultation with your doctor.

Compounding involves changing the form, flavoring, dosage, or strength of the medicine, and thus, should be agreed with the prescriber. All options require considering the risks, especially in cardiovascular, epileptic medication, and antidepressants. Always consider side effects.

The US’s biggest dispensing pharmacies are CVS Health, Walgreens, Cigna, Walmart, Kroger, UnitedHealthcare, and Rite Aid. All of them are on the maps of our directory and ready to share their addresses, opening hours, and telephone numbers for you to check the availability of the medicament before you go to the pharmacy nearby.