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Maybe, we've not thought about it, but the postal service plays an essential role in our life. For most people, it's one of the elements that bind family and friends together. But the postal service is much more – it's one of the parts of crucial infrastructure, it gives jobs for Americans (especially for Black people), it applies to all of us – the child who gets a gift, or the adult who receives a sale flyer from the store. Even election results are dependent on the postal industry. We can name many things, but the one is clear – postal service is a vital element.

 We cannot imagine American history without post offices. The journey starts with Benjamin Franklin, who was appointed the nation's first postmaster general in 1775. After the riot of his friends-colonists against Britain's Royal Mail, United States Postal Service's predecessor was founded. Since that time, for the post offices, the primary aim has been and will be the mail delivering to all Americans reaching ever further and faster to keep pace with the growing nation.

Despite electronic development (as electronic bills and payments, e-mail letters), the postal offices are still fighting for their place in the sun. The statistics show that in 2019 the post office industry gained $208,550.8 million. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic and all connected limits affect the industry. The experts predicted it to decrease at a CAGR of -7.34%. And a better future is coming – the industry will recover and reach a CAGR of 1.60% growth from 2021 (as the experts say).

How many people visit post offices? According to statistics, 1.07 billion Americans went and used post office services in 2010. Since then, less has changed, as people still need to send and receive. And it'll be until something innovative appear.

 Who's a leader in the postal office industry? It's definitely United Postal Services, the independent government agency. It operates over 40,000 post offices that deliver 210 billion pieces of mail every year and 157 million addresses in every American state, city and town. More than 1,400 of their post offices are historic buildings – they have impressive pieces of art that reflect American history.

Along with the historic USPS post offices, America is rich in unique postal buildings. Below, we'll show you some of them.

-         Ochopee Post Office (located in Ochopee, Florida) is the smallest post office in the United States. Originally the building served as a glorified storage unit for tools used on a nearby tomato farm. In 1953 it was turned into a post office after the previous was burned to aches. It's an all-functional post office that serves three counties, including the surrounding populations of Miccosukee and Seminole Native Americans.

-         Valentine Post Office (Valentine, Texas) – if you want to send a love mail, you need to do it here. The process is as follows – take the message into an envelope, write the address and stamp it. Then insert this envelope into a larger one and send it to Valentine Post Office. The building style is different every year: the post office is decorated with love letters selected among some submissions from students in the Valentine school district.

-         Washington Park and Zoo Railway (Portland, Oregon): Do you want a post office that provides traditional postal services but doesn't look like the post office in common sense? Come to Portland, and you'll find such a post office. It is part of a train running a two-mile route between the Oregon Zoo and the World Forestry Center.