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Are you in need of boots or a pair of sneakers? Have you found your running shoes are torn, and today you need to buy new ones? We can help. You don’t have to spend much time searching the shoe stores nearby, better try our directory! We guarantee you will find the best fit for you within walking distance from your location, and it will take a couple of minutes!

What kind of shoes can you buy at shoe stores nearby? Men’s, women’s, and children’s formal and casual shoes, as well as athletic and non-athletic shoes. However, these shops don’t sell golf shoes and bowling shoes, cleats, hosiery, and other sports-specific footwear types. Some shoe stores can sell only one shoe or two shoes of different sizes - you need to check this with the shop assistant.

You might be familiar with the industry leaders of shoe stores niche. These are Designer Brands Inc. with its DSW shops, and Foot Locker Retail Inc. Genesco Inc. owns such brands as Journeys, Johnston & Murphy, Schuh, Little Burgundy, and Naturalizer, Famous Footwear, Allen Edmonds. Caleres 5 stores belong to Caleres Inc. 

Though in 2020, the demand for shoes has fallen, it is expected to recover after the pandemic consequences. Hopefully, this will happen during the next couple of years. It’s evident that online shoe stores keep gaining popularity. However, offline locations’ main advantages are the possibility of trying on the boots, shoes or sneakers and seeing how it fits your leg. Because sometimes, the shoe fits the length of your foot but is too tight in terms of the width. Mainly this is important when you choose footwear for your kids. Our directory will let you find the nearest shoe store where helpful personnel will help you and your family choose appropriate footwear for your needs and budget.