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Are you new to the city and looking for a supermarket near you? Or have you arrived late and need to buy some food to stay alive? Remember that Google Maps often cannot precisely find what you need. But why?

Many grocery stores are labeled as supermarkets but often sell basic food and beverage, are privately-owned and relatively small. So, for instance, if you need to buy baby diapers, the 'supermarket' title in Google Maps can be misleading. 

In our directory, supermarkets are those supermarkets you know - quite big shops that often belong to some large chain and offer much more than just food and drinks. Here you can buy pet supplies, fresh meat, hygiene items, medicine, and so on. You will also enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere of supermarkets, especially on the eve of some holidays. 

If you prefer Kroger or Walmart, check them near you in our directory. You will immediately see their working hours in case you look for a 24/7 option. Just tap them on our map and see the address, phone, and open hours displayed.

If you want to eat some hot food and your budget is limited, then going to a hypermarket is a perfect match. Food courts with various cuisines will satisfy any taste. Also, hypermarkets work best if you need to buy more than fresh bread and season vegetables. You will find plenty of electronic devices, hardware, clothing, and even furniture in the Big-box nearby. We bet you know this well, right?

We promise it is easy to choose the supermarket near you in our directory And your decision will not take more than five minutes. Another five will take a walk there. So, whichever supermarket you prefer, have fun and enjoy all the benefits it boasts!