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Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is becoming the most popular trend. People have started to dedicate themselves to the sport, eat healthy food and get rid of bad habits. And smoking is one of them. 

If we look at research, we’ll see that the number of Americans who give up smoking increases. Between 2008 and 2017, the smoking rate among grown adults of 18 years old declined from 20.6% to 14.1%. The same tendency is with young people from 9-12 grades – the rate of smoking in the last 30 years fell to 8.8%. 

Despite the number of smoking people is decreasing, it doesn’t mean the tobacco industry is collapsing. Historically for Americans, tobacco has become one of the half-dozen most important crops. It’s used not only to produce cigarettes, pipes or cigars but also to make snuff or dipping tobacco, forming chewing tobacco and other less common preparations. Although the tobacco-producing is less now than in previous years, the USA is still the top producer of tobacco. 

Nothing can stop the tobacco shop industry from growing – worldwide government restrictions, high taxes, or unfavorable regulations. The experts expect it to continue developing because of automated techniques in the tobacco-producing and online market. What can also contribute to the tobacco shop industry is a demand for machine-made clove cigarettes. 

How does the tobacco industry fight for its place in the sun? Like everybody does – through advertising. In 2018 the total amount of money spent on advertising was rated at $9.06 billion. In other words, it applies to $25 million each day or more than $1 million every hour. And as it shows, this money was worth it! In 2017 Americans bought around 249 billion cigarettes. If we compare with 2016, the sales are a bit less, but the advertising did the trick. 

What are American tobacco shops? In general, their assortment includes cigarettes and supplies for roll-your-own, smokeless tobacco (like dipping and chewing tobacco), cigars, pipe and supplies for vaping. The top tobacco shops also make more emphasis on cigars and pipes. A lot of them can have a walk-in humidor, smoking lounge or even bar.

Where can you buy tobacco? There’s a variety of online and regular shops. We can help you to find the best store that offers the best tobacco. In this section, you’ll find a small guide of all American tobacco shops with all the necessary information. We’ll just leave you some of them, and if you want to know about more shops, enter our section and take a look. 

-         Smoker Friendly: With over 800 locations, it’s the largest shop retailer of tobacco in America. Mainly you can find its regular stores in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and Florida. Still, if you’re not from these states, you can buy its tobacco products through an online platform.

-         Wild Bill’s Tobacco: it’s known as the 5th largest tobacco seller in the US. Since 1994 it has opened more than 70 shops in 22 states. Inside its stores, you’ll find the largest well-humidified walk-in humidors with great cigars from all over the world and a lounge area to relax and enjoy the cigars.

-         FloridaTobaccoShop: it operates only an online platform. The only principle the store has been following is to suggest the lowest prices and the best possible services. Along with tobacco products, they’re specialized in little cigars, flattered cigars and cigarette papers.