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Not everyone can afford to buy a vehicle. That's why people look for other ways of moving. And here, the truck rental comes for help. It's the best option for those who are limited in budget. Maybe, it's not the most comfortable or luxurious method of moving for someone, but it's one of the most easy-affordable ways for Americans.

 The industry's beginning is dated in 1933 when Jim Ryder opened his first truck rental firm with only one truck. With time such companies as U-Haul and Penske appeared on the market. Today the truck rental market is various - the companies are fighting for their customers by offering great prices and vehicle assortment.

The truck re ntal industry services apply not only to heavy commercial truck hiring. They also include the leasing of light vehicles, truck tractors, buses, semi-trailers, utility trailers, and recreational vehicles. Such companies'primary customers are individuals and then – companies and firms that do not have their truck fleets.

Like anything in life, truck rental has its pros and cons. The first advantage is the price: if we compare it with other movement methods, it's the cheapest. But here the disadvantage comes – if fuel and travel expenses are added, the full costs are rising (they become mostly identical with the rental of freight trailers, for example). As for other proms, the truck rental wins in terms of control (as it offers complete control over the move) and easiness of vehicle's towing.

Truck rental is a continually developing industry. It's a market with revenue of $19 billion that supports hundreds of jobs and businesses. The experts predict its growth by USD 8.76 billion during 2018-2022 worldwide. But the Covid-19 pandemic made drastic changes. Due to lockdowns and strict limits, the industry's incomes decreased. To survive, companies have to increase truck rental prices. But we hope it won't be for long.

As we've said, the truck rental market is various. And even here, there're leaders. Who are they? In this section, you'll find everything about truck rental companies – their locations, what vehicles you can rent, their pictures, prices and reviews. Below, we'll give information about three American truck rental companies. You can read about the others after entering our section.

-          Ryder is one of the leading truck rental players on the market, with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial renters. The company operates more than 500 locations nationwide, so it'll be easy for you to find nearby. Along with truck rental, its services include leasing, cross-docking, management of distribution, freight brokerage, reverse logistics, and packaging.

-          U-Haul may be the most convenient choice for customers with over 20,000 locations. The company offers a huge variety of trucks, trailers and towing devices for renting. Also, it suggests top on the market moving and storage boxes and an extended line of packing supplies.

-           If you're looking for the biggest name in the industry, you'll hear "Penske". Operating more than 800 locations in North America, it offers a huge variety of vehicles available for rent (more than 300,000). With Penske, you'll get five non-commercial truck options that are easy to compare and many regular features that differentiate the company from its rivals.