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Have you got the light bulb burned out, and you don't have the new one? Or, maybe, you urgently need a present for someone's birthday but don't have time to buy it. The variety shops have answers to all these (and not only these) questions, as their assortment is extensive and various. In such shops, you can buy almost everything: food, cloth, some decorations for your home, dry goods, and any parts for the automobile. The variety shops are the best solution for those who need something and very quickly. Oh, there is one other good piece of news: their price policy. All their products are sold at discounted prices or sometimes can have one price.

All these features have helped to survive them during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the statistics show, these variety shops experienced remarkable growth during the last year – and their value propositions played one of the crucial roles in it. When many shop owners had to close their shops during strict quarantine in March-April, the variety shops survived as they could be open because of purchasing vitally needed things. Let's not forget that e-commerce also made its contributions to the variety stores growth.

 By their level of service and price policy, we can categorize the variety stores into four types – discount department stores, wholesale clubs, supercenters, hypermarts and so-named category killers.

Do you need to buy products in bulk? The wholesale clubs serve for this purpose — this type of variety shops sell the products to the customers who pay fees for the membership. Initially, the clubs of the wholesale were oriented on small business, but later they expanded their audience to more population segments.

In case you need to buy not only groceries, then the supercenters (or also known as superstores) can serve you. Their assortment also includes the products of general-purpose. The idea of this variety stores category has been developed from the hypermart. Along with discount stuff, food products, in the hypermarts you'll also get additional services – branches of banks (in case you need to make some money operations) or photo processing.

 The last type of variety stores is the category killers. The peculiarity of this type consists in the fact that this chain sells a single line of the goods. In comparison with independent shops, their assortment is larger and extensive. You can know such stores – T.J.Maxx, Dress Barn or Burlington Coat Factory. We're sure you've heard about Wal-Mart, Target, or Kmart. Other shops cannot kill these shops as they offer the items at a low price.

We've created this section for you to know everything about the variety shops. Here, you'll find a mini-guide on the variety stores – their names, on which assortment they specialize (food, cloth, or household appliances), their locations (we'll help you find which one is nearby) and services. You can also read the customers' reviews and leave your own review to help others decide where they can buy all the necessary things.