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Today the pet owners consider their pets as a part of family more than they've done before. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are more than 67% (or almost 85 million) of households that have pets. The Americans want for them high-quality food, accessories, and the best service and treatment. And here veterinarians play a crucial role.

The main activity of the veterinarians is focused on the provision of health care, surgery, and preventive services for animals. Their work also applies to health emergencies and usual medical care. As for the patients, the veterinarians serve not only pet animals. They can be focused on concrete livestock (like cattle) or marine animals (such as dolphins).

In the industry, veterinarians are divided into three categories. The first category, companion animal veterinarians, manages the medical treatment of domestic pets (such as cats, dogs, birds, or rabbits). Usually, this veterinarian type applies to private hospitals or clinics. Their activity includes diagnosing and treatment, consulting the pet owners, performing such procedures as dental surgeries, vaccination, and setting fractures.

The second category, the food animal veterinarians serve the farm pets (such as pigs, sheep, or cattle raised to be food resources). The doctors of this type of veterinarian services generally visit the farms or ranches to take care of sick animals, test them and inoculate. They also give consultations about pet feeding, living arrangements, and maintaining health.

The last category of the veterinarian industry applies to those who take care of pets' food protection (they are known as veterinarians of food protection and inspection). Their main duty is to inspect the livestock and animal products and test them for illnesses. Besides, they vaccinate pets, advance their living conditions, do research about improving their health and control the implementation of state food safety standards. They also work on public programs for animals and make them come to life.

As Americans love their pets so much and want their favorite ones to be healthy, there are a lot of veterinarians that provide great animal health care services. For example, if you live in Miami, you can use the services of Town & Country Animal Hospital. For more than 25 years they've been caring about pets with all caring and love. In case you are in California, the Vet Care Animal Center will do all its best to care about your pet. Understanding that animals are a vital part of our life, the big retail chains, open veterinarians in their stores. Like Walmart did. By June 2019 the company had 30 in-store veterinarians, and by the end of the year, it planned to open more than 100.

Is your pet sick and you don't know where you can take your pet? We have got you covered. To save your time all you need is to enter our section and look at the list of best veterinarians, know what services they offer, their price policy, and read the customers' reviews about each of them. We want your pet to be healthy!