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Don’t know what to gift for your favorite one? We’re sure you’ve spent a lot of time searching for the best present but haven’t found anything yet. If you enter this section, you’ll get help. In case you want to give an exceptional gift that will always remind someone about you, opt for watches.

You can ask us why, and we’ll answer. Wearing watches has always been a special thing. Once it has meant something important (like a present from parents, for example), or it has highlighted the people’s status. The watches have always been a classical accessory that can complete any image. And they will always be.

Now the watches’ function doesn’t apply to only showing the time. As people have started to be more aware of their health, the demand for electronic gadgets monitoring health metrics has increased. That’s why the type of smartwatches has appeared. They provide the consumers with a great variety of functions – monitor heartbeat rates, walk tracks, control music, app notifications, show weather or how many steps you walk per day and others. Some companies have gone further. The famous digital company Samsung presented smartwatches with the blood pressure monitoring function and keeping track of people’s physical health. These watches measure not absolute blood pressure; they monitor the blood pressure changes to help the consumer be more aware of their health.

Ok, smartwatches are really smart, user and budget friendly, but what about the mechanical and quartz? Do Americans still buy them? To know this, we have to look at statistics. Mechanical watches surrender to quartz watches as they require constant maintenance and cleaning. This watches type is classical; that’s why they’re considered as high-end luxurious. As for the sales, the experts expect their growth at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2019 to 2025.

The quartz watches had an outstanding share of sales in 2018 (70.8%) thanks to its high utility in monitoring the body activities with heartbreak rate and figure of walking steps. As the number of people aware of their health increases, the experts also expect the quartz watches growth in several years.

Let’s not forget about Swiss watches. Mostly considered as luxurious ones, they still show the incredible rate of sales in America. In 2015 the Swiss watches segment accounted for 20% of US sales. Considering people’s opting for smart devices, Swiss watches companies try to take their place in this segment. TAG Heuer, the Swiss watchmaker, has presented its own smartwatches recently, and the American consumers have accepted them very well.

Where do Americans buy watches? Like every retail sphere, the watches industry must adapt to combine both regular selling (in brick-and-mortar stores) and online. In our section, we’ll present all the best American watches stores with all details about them – locations, assortment, prices, pictures, reviews. Movado Company Store, Watch Warehouse, Bob’s watches, Nixon – these are some famous watches stores in the US. If you enter our section, you’ll have a list of more watches stores with all the necessary information.