Allentown PA

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About Allentown in Pennsylvania is located about five miles from New York City. It is known for its culture, arts and crafts, and annual festivals. The city of Allentown has been an area home to many notable Americans including George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Gouverneur Morris. Tourists traveling to Allentown in PA will discover the history of its early development as a colonial town and the fascinating American heritage of its present-day culture and art.

Allentown is known for its abundance of culture. The Liberty Bell Museum houses an authentic replica of this famous bell, plus a large mural on its history. nearby, the Allentown Art Museum features collections including modern and contemporary American pieces. On the Lehigh River, visitors can appreciate a beautiful boat tour and visit the historic Lehigh Valley.

The area is known for its food. People traveling to Allentown will find restaurants here that serve a variety of foods from continental to regional. There are over eighty restaurants to choose from. Visitors can dine at the popular downtown establishments like Bob's Restaurant or Joe's Deli. Or they can enjoy lunch and dinner at the various local cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

Visiting the Amherst area is also a good idea for people planning a trip to Allentown. The area is known for its academic reputation. The Temple University was founded in 1847. Students can explore the various campuses while enjoying a stay at the many hotels located in the area.

A must-see while visiting Allentown would be the La Grange Farm, a nineteenth-century farm built by German immigrants. The farm offers an insight into the lives of its early inhabitants. Many of its residents still live on the farm. The house where the farm is located is also an attraction. The restored farmhouse is open to the public.

The summer months in Allentown are very hot and humid. It is important to dress warmly and sunscreen a lot if you plan to visit during this time. The summer weather in Allentown can be harsh with high winds and rain. For those who have a fear of these elements, it is best to avoid visiting during this time. The area has a budget hotel that provides excellent service and a comfortable environment.

Dining in Allentown provides a great deal of variety and there are so many options to choose from. A person can get a taste of traditional European cuisine as well as non-traditional Asian food. Italian food is famous throughout the area. There are also plenty of local and ethnic eateries to choose from. Tourists from cities around the world travel to Allentown for its restaurants and cafes.

Travelers can get pleasure from several attractions in Allentown. The Roebuck Theatre is a popular attraction. Many famous artists have performed at this venue. This area also has a very large Jewish community. If you need to learn about a specific group of people or history, visiting this area is worth the effort.

A large number of antique shops are found in the Allentown area. Some of the most popular antiques include China, silver, gold, and some pottery. Antique shows are also held here from time to time. Artisans come from all over the world to show off their wares. In addition to antiques, you will find fine arts, music, crafts, jewelry, and a wide variety of goods.

When visiting Allentown, there are many options for sightseeing. There are historic sites, nature preserves, museums, gardens, and monuments to see. The Ambridge Iron Bridge, one of Pennsylvania's longest, allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the Allegheny Mountains. You can view wildlife on this bridge as well. There is also the Belleayre Site, where one can learn about life on the planet from the artifacts found here.

Allentown is a popular place for vacations because there are so many things to do. For families, the quaint atmosphere is ideal. There are so many places to eat, visit and take part in activities. For young adults, there is plenty of adult entertainment to enjoy, while there are educational programs for kids of all ages.

With so many sights to see and things to do, Allentown would be a perfect vacation spot for people from all walks of life. This lovely area has great attractions, restaurants, and shopping. Come to Pennsylvania and experience the charm and beauty that are in Allentown. There are many things to do, places to see, and things to enjoy when you vacation in the great state of Pennsylvania.