Carrollton TX

Stores, Bank Branches, Pharmacies, etc.

About Carrollton in Texas is a unique community, with an abundance of cultural diversity, historical museums, art galleries, restaurants, and unique festivals. The first Texas capital, it is located on the Red River of Texas, near the small town of Dealeysuckle in Denton County. Its name comes from the Black Cat Trail that was built to guide travelers between the Red River and the Gulf of Mexico, which are still part of the original trail.

Carrollton is a thriving community in Texas with beautiful scenery and a thriving downtown area. As of today, its population is 119,082, making it the twenty-second-most populated city in Texas. The original settlement was created by Heman Ely, who established a store for tobacco, gold, silver, cotton, hay, peas, sugar, & other commodities. Today, hundreds of shops and specialty stores thrive in the downtown area. There are also clubs and organizations in the city that serve a variety of interests, including historical societies, bird clubs, historical reenactment groups, antique hunters, and chess clubs.

Travelers to the area have a choice of restaurants from coast-to-coast, offering cuisines from around the world. Many restaurants are found along the Red River, offering a variety of cultural cuisine, but some of the best restaurants and places to eat can be found along the coastal walkway and in the downtown area. Some restaurants have a French influence, while others offer foods from South America and Caribbean regions. In the downtown area, patrons can find Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern, German, and Italian food selections.

Visitors enjoy the nightlife in the city, which is abundant with local acts and bars, as well as theaters, live music performances, and karaoke. Most bars and restaurants will offer some form of live entertainment, whether it be country music Spanish music or karaoke. Bars and nightclubs often display hundreds of well-chosen paintings by local artists, many of whom live just a few blocks away. Of course, everyone knows that the food and drink are something to experience while one is in town.

Eating at a restaurant is not something a visitor would think of while traveling to this part of Texas. However, this doesn't mean that all restaurants in Carville are poor. Many of the best restaurants are found in the downtown area, along streets such as Circle C, Broadway, and Main Street. Downtown offers a wide variety of eating establishments, ranging from simple sidewalk cafes to upscale five-star-quality restaurants. Many of the restaurants are located right on the beach. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best seafood in the world.

Carrollton has quite a bit of history. Many of its notable figures, such as former President Andrew Johnson and former Judge Oliver Oliphant, are remembered for their accomplishments. In addition, the area boasts an African-American History Museum, which showcases the history and impact of black Americans in the city. Several festivals, including the annual Cataloochee Arts Festival, are also held each year. This is a festival devoted to the visual and performing arts.

People who enjoy art and history will want to stop by the Heard Museum. This museum features exhibits on both indigenous American Indian culture and European art. The Native American artifacts include pottery, dolls, and blankets. European art includes chandeliers, furniture, and sculptures. The museum is also home to several public performances, such as the popular opera "The Sound of Music," as well as chamber music, workshops, movies, and other events. Many local residents take advantage of the free tour packages that are available.

While on vacation in this area, visitors may want to take a walking tour of the Historic District. A one-hour guided walking tour of this district is available from many different establishments, including restaurants, hotels, and museums. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Ballet Theatre, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The theatre was built in 1875 and is located in one of the most distinctive settings in all of Texas: the Ballet Bar downtown. There are also several other venues for shows, including the Dallas Symphony and Opera House.