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Who is John Edwards and why has he gotten himself into trouble with the national media? Well, whether you are a Carson supporter or not, you have probably heard about John Edwards and some of the things that he has been saying on the trail. The press has created a stir about Carson and the real issues that have plagued the campaigns.

So far as Carson's campaign is concerned, it has been quiet so far. He has been answering questions about his views on abortion and has made some comments about Planned Parenthood. These statements have caused quite a stir. Both the candidates have issued statements denying any involvement with these extreme groups. So where does this leave the other side of the campaign?

Right now, we still do not know who will be on the presidential ticket of the United States of America. Donald Trump is the big favorite for the Republican nomination. But with the news today about Carson in California, some political pundits are wondering if they are throwing their hats into the ring with a candidate who seems to have taken a step too far. On the other hand, some political insiders say that John Edwards is just another "man in the mirror." After all, he tried to emulate Senator Obama, but he did not win the Democratic primary.

The real question here is who is best suited to tackle the job of President of the United States? One of the most popular choices is Hillary Clinton. But after watching the last debate, she may need a serious reality check. It was very clear during the Democratic debate that she had not been prepared at all.

In the Republican debate, Donald Trump demonstrated once again, that he is the king of negotiation. He was able to get a good deal done with the candidate that is running against him, Ted Cruz. In fact, Ted Cruz actually told us that there are three simple steps to negotiating, and one of them is that when you get a "bad deal" stop doing it.

The second question is whether or not John Edwards should be in the race for the presidential nominee. The other two front runners, Carson and Cruz, did what they were supposed to do during the last debate. They listened to what Obama had to say, and then they decided on their own to tailor their message to fit his comments. John Edwards should be left to his own devices. He cannot brand himself as the next president of the United States, no matter how nice the media might make him out to be.

Perhaps, the biggest problem with John Edwards is that he has not been able to create a positive image for himself. He has struggled throughout the whole campaign, and that has been the downfall of his entire campaign. He needs to either drop out now or start creating a better buzz.

It is my hope that one of these two gentlemen will be able to rise to the challenge and prove that they are the right person for the job. It could very well be the greatest moment in the history of American politics. Please think about it.

Carson is a man that has lived his whole life amongst the wealthy. He understands how life is to be lived in this world. He understands the need for wealth. He understands that everyone needs a vehicle to get to their destinations. He has never been one to turn down a chance to make money, even though opportunities have presented themselves in his career.

So, let's talk about the other two. Ted Cruz has been successful at fundraising, and that is something he needs to be able to do if he is going to have any chance of winning. Carson is no conservative, and that is a good thing. Unlike most of the others on the stage right now. He is an entertainer and one that does not really have a lot of solutions for America. He will most likely get the nomination and perhaps defeat the nominee, but who knows.

It appears that John Edwards has been underestimated. His recent comments about Carson being a racist were not even his best points. As far as the democratic side goes, Hillary Clinton and Obama are too far ahead in most states. They are way too far ahead in most states, that is why we are having this political infighting. We need to stop the politicians from stacking the deck, and the media has done a great job keeping us informed.