Cedar Rapids IA

Stores, Bank Branches, Pharmacies, etc.

Cedar Rapids is a beautiful city in southern Iowa. It is bordered on two sides by the Iowa River. The Cedar Rapids Museum has many interesting artifacts, including a German beer glass and a display of Rembrandt's Theaters. Other attractions include the Science Fiction Museum, the Sixth Floor Museum atrium, and Cedar Valley Casino. The Winter Gardens of Central Park provides year-round garden enjoyment.

Cedar Rapids is the home of the Cedar Rapids Art Association, which meets regularly. At the June 29 meeting, art enthusiasts will get an up-close and personal look at the activities and events that happen throughout the city. Highlights include a free summer concert in the park featuring local musicians and DJs. Other events include city government cookouts, nature walks, and tours of local businesses. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art has many wonderful works by local Iowan artist Grant Wood.

Just east of Cedar Rapids lies the City of Cleveland. Known as the "Forest City" because of its rich, ancient forests, Cleveland is one of the state's most visited cities. One of America's oldest cities, Cleveland is the home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the heirs of blues and rock stars such as brother and sister Bob Dylan. For sightseeing around town, there are numerous public transportation options including buses and light rail.

In the northeast corner of the city is Cedar Point, Amusement Park. Here, one can enjoy skating, motorized roller blades, as well as a wide range of other rides and games. For families, there is even a kids' play area with slides, swings, and other exciting adventure playgrounds for children. For sightseeing, several events occur within the park itself, including concerts, circus shows, as well as boat and train rides.

If one desires an outdoor adventure, Ohio offers some excellent opportunities for sightseeing. Columbus offers several outdoor activities including the Ohio Valley State Park. The largest park in the state, it features two main attractions: the East Boulevard and the green space. The park has also added several attractions since it opened in 2021, including a beer garden and a golf course. The North shore village of North Columbus is also home to numerous fine restaurants and bars. The Ohio Village is ideal for families if one can spare a few days in this destination.

As the fourth largest city in the state, Detroit is another great destination for sightseeing. It is the hometown of General Motors, the auto manufacturing giant. There are many cultural attractions here, including the Detroit Museum of Art, the Detroit Free Press museum, and the Detroit Riverfront, all of which attract visitors from around the country. In addition to seeing these cultural landmarks, sightseeing at the Detroit Riverfront and the Detroit skyline is possible through the inclusion of the Detroit Riverboat and the Detroit Electric Railway. A sightseeing tour of the city can be combined with a Michigan Auto Detouring tour, for a complete tour of Michigan.

Cleveland is a great city for sightseeing, especially the neighboring townships of Lake Elyria, East Boulevard, and North Campus. Here, the landscape is marked by a large public, open parks, historic neighborhoods, and unique festivals. A sightseeing tour of these cities can include a stop at the Cleveland Zoo, the Great lakes Science Centre, or the Cleveland Metropark Zoo. There are also special weekend tours of these destinations available.

Sightseeing in Cleveland is made easier by the many local companies that offer car rentals, limousines, and tour packages. Some of these companies even offer concierge services to make sure that every member of your party has a pleasurable experience. Vacations in Cleveland should include sightseeing, and this is one city that the entire family will enjoy. With its welcoming population and various amenities, it makes for a memorable experience.