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Columbus is Ohio's state capital. The city is notable for being the home of the first American city, founded by Sir Francis Columbus. The city also is known as the "sburg of the West Front," because of its rich German-American history.

Columbus is divided into three major parts: downtown, South Columbus and East Columbus. The downtown area features a beautiful downtown skyline with high-rise buildings along the Scioto River. The city's downtown skyline also includes the Ohio Statehouse and House of Congress. South Columbus is the heart of Columbus and it is where the majority of historic tours and attractions are located.

The riverfront areas of the city are lined with wonderful shops, bars and restaurants. One of the most important districts to visit in the city is Public Square. Here, visitors enjoy free admission to the galleries, museums, galleries and other attractions. In addition to all the attractions, there are bars and restaurants featuring live music. The Ohio Statehouse is located in this district. Tourists can sit and enjoy the outdoor natural landscape while watching the legislature and other city officials work in session.

The French Market, a historic food market, happens to be located in the Central Business District. This area features vendors offering fresh produce, local honey and specialty foods. There are also seafood and Italian specialties. The South Side, a historic part of Columbus, is packed with restaurants. These include locally owned pubs, cafes and pizza restaurants.

Columbus is also the site of a large convention center. This venue features hundreds of exhibit booths displaying various products and services. The Ohio Statehouse also happens to be the venue for the General Convention, which annually attracts a large number of delegates from all over the country. Many corporate event planners host their events at the Columbus convention center.

For those looking for a residential option, Columbus offers housing options in the form of apartments. Columbus apartments feature all the comforts of home including air conditioning, fireplaces and hardwood floors. You can select apartments that are within walking distance to stores and other attractions in the city. In fact, you can choose apartments that are close to everything in the city. Whether you are an outgoing person who loves the outdoors and the great outdoors, or an introvert who prefers to spend his time indoors, living in an apartment in Columbus offers a convenient solution. You have a choice of living in the downtown region, near the shopping, eating out and other entertainment venues in the city or on the outskirts of town.

Columbus subdivisions also offer great residential options. Subdivisions such as Avon, Cedar Point, Eastwood and Woodmere have great housing options. With wonderful amenities such as swimming pools, parks, community centers and other amenities, apartments in the city of Columbus provide an easy way to integrate into the city's real estate market. Columbus has subdivisions that cater to different types of people. From socially restrictive neighborhoods to ultra-selective communities, living in the right neighborhood can give you everything you need to live comfortably.

The Columbus apartments and other rental options are ideal for business travelers and for families. If you are planning a trip to the city this summer, you can find affordable rentals close to the action. Look for vacation rentals in the city, to make your stay more enjoyable. Columbus offers a great way to experience everything it has to offer and to fulfill your dream of being a self-employed professional.

You may find Columbus' apartments and condominiums perfect for your family and for business executives who are on the go. Choose from spacious apartment complexes and town homes with fully furnished apartments and state-of-the-art corporate office facilities. If you are on a temporary vacation, you can easily find an affordable apartment that is close to attractions and to your hotel.

Columbus offers more than just a nice home. It is a vibrant city that offers everything you need to live comfortably. Its convenient location makes it a city that offers a wide variety of educational opportunities. It's home to the world's largest civil engineering school and one of America's top business schools. These factors, along with the city's status as the fifth largest city in the United States, make it a great place to live.

Columbus offers many opportunities to you. You can enjoy Columbus nightlife and the beautiful weather every day. You can be successful in business or in life. The city offers it all, which is why so many people choose to call it home. And best of all, living in this city is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience something new.