Federal Way WA

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Federal Way is a thriving community that offers much for visitors of all ages. You will find great beaches, a world-class harbor, and even some of the most fascinating attractions in the United States. There is so much to see and do in Federal Way, Washington. This is one community in the Seattle area, where you can live, work and play. Here are some of the attractions in Federal Way to look forward to:

The Space Needle is probably one of the most famous sights in the world. It is the tallest building in Washington and it is located on Puget Sound, right in the middle of the Seattle waterfront. The Space Needle's great lighting and stunning silhouette are the perfect settings for a breathtaking photography opportunity.

Federal Way is home to many historic landmarks. One of these landmarks is the Covington's farm. Covington's Farm was the first public farm in Washington State. The Covington family owned the farm for over one hundred years until their death in 1903. Today, visitors can still marvel at the original dairy barn and take a tour around the grounds.

Another notable landmark is the former Bell Labs. The Bell Labs was the primary research center for electronic appliances and other technologies. After Bell Labs was purchased by J.C. Thomas and Company in 1937, it became a modern industrial complex. Visitors to Federal Way can take a walking tour through the Bell Labs grounds.

The Tillamook Zoo is located at the base of the Rogue River. This urban wildlife park offers many different types of animals, including native birds, reptiles, mammals, and a large collection of exotic mammals. The zoo features a nature trail and also has a visitor center with maps, photos, videos, and information about the history of the Tillamook Zoo. The museum building includes an earth history exhibit, a dinosaur display, and a replica of one of the zoo's dinosaur model cars. The Tillamook Zoo is one of Oregon's largest and most visited natural zoos.

The U.S. Air Force Museum at Lackland Air Force Station is located in San Diego. The museum displays a wide variety of aircraft such as helicopters, jet fighters, and military planes. Many of the planes are on display and you can often take a flight simulator ride in order to experience the various speeds and noises associated with flying. Several of the exhibits at this museum can be found here.

The Sea World at San Diego's Coronado Park is another popular attraction. The main attraction here is Shamu the killer whale, the largest animal in captivity. Another popular sea animal at the Sea World is the great white shark. The San Diego Zoo is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Sea of Cortez, Sea World rides, and the Coronado National Landmark.

There are many other fantastic attractions in the San Diego area that can be found on your visit. In addition to these, there are the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and many parks and aquariums to visit. These parks are all located within a few hours' drive, so getting a visit to one of these must be done when you have plenty of time. There are so many sightseeing and fun activities to choose from that it would not be difficult to fit in more. These are only some ideas for an excellent list of things to do in San Diego in any given day.

Many people take a day trip out of the area, visiting various attractions in various parts of the area. For instance, you may want to stop at the Petroglyph National Park. It is one of the best places to view some of the oldest cliff paintings in the world. The caves here have been beautifully preserved and are filled with stories about the life of the area's early inhabitants. You can also visit the Petroglyph Village, which is a complete exhibit that tells the intriguing history of this place.

While you are traveling through the scenic San Diego, you may want to visit Sea World, which is a marine park consisting of two huge swimming pools. The shows at the Sea World are awesome, and you can visit the underwater world and watch all kinds of amazing creatures from all over the world. In addition to this, the San Diego Zoo is a great place to learn about nature. You can also enjoy a picnic or visit one of the museums here.

Some of the other fascinating attractions in Federal Way include Coronado's birthplace, Spanish Gate, and Tower. There are many other historical sites, including the Old fort Built by Spanish soldiers, and the Alcatraz. These are just a few of the exciting sites available in the area. To see the rest of them, simply go online and do a thorough search for "Federal Way attractions in California" on the Internet.