Fort Worth TX

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Fort Worth is a thriving metropolis in North Central Texas located along the banks of the Waha River. It is one of the most populated areas in all of Texas. It served as the main stage for early railroads in the 1800s. The early railroads linked Waha with Austin, eventually leading to the establishment of the first transcontinental railroad in the country. Today, it is a dynamic, modern metropolis, with numerous national art museums, international art institutes, and historic cowboy attractions.

The Fort Worth Stockyards has been home to rodeos, one of the nation's largest rodeo competitions. The arena was originally built in remembered earlier as a stagecoach stop for wagon trains carrying wagons containing cattle and supplies to supply the railroads throughout the West. Today the arena is one of the country's largest and most popular museums. Over four million visitors visit the site each year. The Wortham Art Gallery houses some of the country's greatest living artists including Roy Lichtenstein, Bob Hoskins, Jasper Johns, Bruce Davidson, Edvard Munch, Milton Glaser, Oscar Nixey, as well as numerous other local and national gallery guests.

Fort Worth has much to offer outside the city limits as well. It is one of the top destinations for RV campers. There are over 300 RV parks in Fort Worth. Most of them are located on the outskirts of town. For those interested in RV camping, you will find that you have several choices. The parks are open daily during the spring and summer months and closed during the winter months.

Fort Worth is home to the Science Center, one of the premier science and technology facilities in the world. The facility houses several major museums, including the Bill Dietz Science Museum and the Williamenton Museum. Other special museums the city features include the Johnson Museum, the Fort Worth Museum, the Picnic Garden, the Bass Center for the Arts, and the Science Education Center. Children under six years of age may be taken to the Fort Worth Zoo. This zoo also offers a kid-friendly area for children to play.

Art enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are plenty of galleries and exhibits in Fort Worth. Two major art centers exist, the Southern Methodist Museum and the Bass Institute. The museum house numerous art collections, including paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, music, videos, jewelry, computer art, video games, and more. Many of these items are currently for sale, but there are many that are available to the public. Fort Worth has a thriving gallery scene.

Fort Worth ranks as the second-largest art community in the state of Texas. It is home to the largest collection of contemporary and Native American art in the Southwest. Numerous Native American tribes call Fort W. a "house of the sun" or "home of the gods." The Westershain Indians are believed to be the first to settle the land. Fort W. is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state.

Fort Worth is just minutes from Dallas, the fourth largest city in the state, making it convenient for residents to commute. Those living in the surrounding communities benefit from having easy access to Dallas' business establishments, schools, shopping, and restaurants. Those who are interested in art and culture will find that Fort Worth has a thriving visual arts scene. There are multiple festivals throughout the year featuring local and national talent.

Those interested in world travel may enjoy visiting the Star Trek Theme Park, which is located in downtown Fort Worth. The park includes a vast collection of ships from the famous TV series, as well as those found in the movie version. This amusement park also features an aquarium, ship tours, and other activities for children of all ages. For those traveling on a "desert island" vacation, the Fort Worth Beach Club offers beach and pool access, providing for a tranquil retreat.