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Sightseeing in Hollywood in Florida is very popular among tourists who come to the city each year. While the sun is shining, many of them head out to see the stars of movies and television series that they have followed through their entire life. For some people, sightseeing in Hollywood stars at the beach. Others prefer to go around the neighborhood before visiting the places on the Sunset Strip that are so alluring to tourists especially during the Golden Anniversary Tour or when it is Emmett Kelly Day. Some of the famous beaches of the area include La Jolla, Windansea, Surfside, and Surfside.

In Hollywood, Florida, the La Jolla Cove is one of the most well-known public beaches in the area. It is where hundreds of celebrities, sports stars, and tourists love to take part in water sports. Other popular beaches of the area include Windansea, Surfside, and Hollywood Beach.

At Hollywood Beach, one can enjoy the beautiful sunset along with the surf. The beach is not that long and there is plenty of room to sunbathe. There is also a lifeguard station so that you will be able to get assistance should you get caught in the surf. Also, this is close to the boardwalk and shopping malls, so if you have time, you can also linger on the beach for a few minutes and then move on to your destination.

Also, a sightseeing tour on Hollywood Boulevard is one of the things that you must do. As mentioned, this is located right next to the beach. This place is filled with restaurants and shops. In order to get the best view, it is advised to rent a car. By day, you can see the whole city through its streets and by night, you can enjoy the sightseeing lights.

Along Hollywood Beach, you will find the Duarte beach which is popular for its shallow beach with safe sand. The Duarte beach has two little restaurants which offer some of the best food in the area. The hotels are also located nearby and provide some of the best accommodation in Hollywood. If you are a nature lover, you will like the park on the other side of Duarte beach.

You will also love to visit Balboa Park, which is also known as San Diego's Central Park. The park has a big zoo that contains a dinosaur museum. The zoo is not open on weekdays. The zoo has an interactive zone where you can feed the animals and enjoy water rides. The zoo also provides other attractions such as Discovery Bay, where you can swim with the dolphins and watch the different fish swimming around.

When you go sightseeing in Hollywood in Florida, there are many things to do along the beach such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, kayaking, golfing, horseback riding, and so on. There are also many historical places and museums that are close to the beach. You can visit Hollywood Studios, which is one of the largest studios in the world. When you visit the area, be sure to check out the many shopping malls, which are spread out throughout the area. These malls contain a lot of different stores, including some of the biggest shopping stores in the area.

To make your sightseeing in Hollywood in Florida more memorable, you can choose from so many travel packages that are available. These packages usually include airfare, hotel accommodation, car rental, and meals. A lot of these packages are available online, so you may want to go sightseeing in Hollywood in Florida by yourself or with your family. However, if you have already been to the area, you may prefer to get a guided tour. With guided tours, you can visit the most popular beaches, museums, monuments, and other attractions.