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Independence, MO is a beautiful central Kansas town just south of the Missouri River. The area is wealthy with history and beautiful buildings. Some of the attractions include the historic Independence National Historic Park, Liberty Memorial, the Science and Environmental Learning Center, and the John Hancock Tower. Missouri Shakespeare Festival and Jazz Festival are held in this town during the summer. Independence has also developed into a hot destination for tourists and visitors from the surrounding states.

It is easy to reach Independence by driving, flying, or traveling by train. There are many options for lodging, and one of the most popular choices includes the charming "Million Dollar City." The downtown area is bustling and offers shopping, dining, and activities for every budget. This area also offers a beautiful venue for live entertainment. The hotel-motel combination that offers a central location, convenient service, comfortable rooms, and excellent service makes this town a "win" for any traveler.

The town's downtown is lined with restaurants, bars, and hotels. Here one can experience the charm of this 19th-century frontier town. St. Louis streetcars are a unique way of traveling within the town. They depart from the downtown area and make stops along the way. The "Missouri Inter Railroad Heritage Museum" in downtown Independence provides information about some of the railroads that contributed to the development of this town. This museum also contains a reproduction of the state capitol building and the original courthouse.

Missouri's largest city, Kansas City, is a medium-sized city with a very prosperous economy. Kansas City is easily accessible via highways. The downtown area is very compact, making it easy for residents to commute. There are a number of public transportation options, including buses, commuter rails, and the Kansas City metro system.

Kansas City is a perfect destination for those interested in history and culture. A variety of attractions including the historic Lawrenceburg Redoubt and American Museum of Natural History are within walking distance. Many attractions in this town appeal to visitors on a year-round basis.

Independence is home to numerous historic landmarks and museums. Some of the notable attractions include the National Museum of Natural History, the Science and Technology Museum, and the historic Kansas Historical Society. The Science and Technology Museum allows visitors to experience all of the latest technologies. There are also numerous free tours available. Tour organizers frequently offer a guided tour of many of these and other historical attractions.

Determining what to bring to this town will depend on what you are interested in seeing. There are many outdoor activities in Independence, and they provide opportunities for almost any visitor to get a little exercise. Sporting events include the Independence Day Celebration, the Greatwood Baseball Tournament, and the Missouri Sports Festival. Trips to nearby St. Louis and Chicago are also available.

Visitors can find a large variety of lodging in Independence, ranging from traditional beds and breakfasts to luxurious vacation rentals. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the town without having to plan ahead. As long as they have transportation available and plan ahead, they should be able to spend a relaxing day in this beautiful town in Missouri.

Those traveling with small children will want to consider staying at one of the many Family Farms hotels. These hotels offer room service, pet services, and babysitting services. Many of these hotels offer complimentary breakfast each morning, as well.

Staying at a hotel near the Trans Canada Trail makes for a perfect way to see the Gorge. It is easy to reach the Waterfall and Parking Area from any hotel in Independence. Travelers interested in the many outdoor activities available in Independence should consider renting a canoe or boat. These canoes are rented on a monthly basis for most of the year. Tours are offered at various times of the year but there is usually a fee involved.

Staying at a Holiday Inn is another option for those interested in Independence. They offer rooms in various price ranges. Meals are usually served in the lobby. There are many popular chain restaurants in Independence, MO. Those looking for good food can also visit the nearby Big Jim's Foods, a restaurant owned by the Le Cordon Bleu chef, Erickson.

If one would prefer to stay in town and explore, the area offers plenty of local attractions to enjoy. The downtown area has an entertainment district consisting of several bars and nightclubs. There are also several parks located in the downtown area. The Great Plains Science Center is also located in the downtown area. There are also numerous antique malls located in the area.