Lawrence KS

Stores, Bank Branches, Pharmacies, etc.

Located about an hour's drive from Kansas City, Lawrence is a small college town. It is easily accessible from Kansas City International Airport, the Kansas Pacific Oil refinery, the Kansas highway, and The Kansas Farm and Ranch Museum. People commute to nearby Stuttgart, Springfield, and Topeka. Students who are attending the University of Missouri may also use the commuter lines to get to Lawrence. The city is also a popular destination for visitors who travel to Kansas City and other nearby states. Approximately four million people live in this area.

Lawrence features a rich natural heritage. The city is named for the French writer Louis Saint-Hilaire. He established a school here to teach natural sciences. His writings are featured in "The Natural Elements of Beauty," a popular children's book, and numerous other publications. Since the mid-nineteenth century, various groups of people have preserved his land and gardens, making these sites a major part of Lawrence's history and culture.

Traveling to Lawrence is similar to traveling to any other city in the Midwest. There are many hotels and restaurants located near the downtown area. Travelers can find world-class entertainment along Main Street. Sports bars, movie theaters, and other venues are scattered throughout the region.

Most of the local residents are involved in some type of arts organization. Several community organizations offer artistic programs that include music, drama, and dance. Arts groups often hold fundraisers to obtain resources and attract new members. They display artwork that has been created by local artists or that has won awards from prestigious competitions.

The National Association of the Gallery Horse is based in Lawrence. The organization offers professional development for horse breeders and educates consumers about owning horses. Another organization, The Art Institute of Kansas, is located in the heart of downtown Kansas City. The museum features a wide range of exhibits featuring modern and contemporary art styles. Other museums in the Kansas City area include the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is a partner with the Center for the Study of Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C., and the St. Louis Museum of Art.

Lawrence is also home to the Science and Environmental Science Museum. This two-year museum features cutting-edge technology and explores the impact of science and technology on our world today. It also showcases the science of renewable energy.

Lawrence residents enjoy world-class restaurants, world-class diners, and premium wines. Sporting events include the St. Patrick's Day Festival and Kansas City Blues Fest. Jazz lovers will be glad to know that Kansas City has more than one jazz club. There is also a world-class performing arts theater, featuring different types of drama.

Lawrence is located near the heart of the nation, so it is easy to visit other parts of the country. Students can take a trip to Washington, D.C. to see the National Mall. Vacations to Disneyland and other theme parks are also available. For those interested in the world of education, Lawrence is home to more than 60 colleges and universities.

Lawrence is also known for its world-class shopping experiences. Whether you are interested in shopping for something unique or browsing through a large selection of stores, Lawrence has something for you. There are many national chains as well as independent shops that cater to local tastes. There are even locations that cater to art lovers. The Art Institutes of Kansas City and the Science and Environmental Science Museum of Kansas City are great places to go for a shopping experience.

Students in the Lawrence area should not forget their extracurricular activities. Lawrence plays host to numerous community organizations and free expression groups. It is home to the Lawrence Journal-World and the World Wide Web site, which serve to be an invaluable resource for research. Many groups host events that feature original written material and musical performances. These events include Jazz Fest, which features jazz music, bluegrass concerts, and regional talent.

A Lawrence history enthusiast will find many things to keep him busy and satisfied while he is in town. As far as world-class attractions go, Lawrence is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Video Game Music Awards. If he wants to get away from the grind of work, he can explore Kansas City's museums and galleries. And, of course, he can always return to Lawrence's world-class arts scene and enjoy some of the great theater productions that Lawrence is known for.