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Lee's Summit, Missouri has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful town nestled between the Ozark Mountains and the historic Bible river valleys. This town sits at the junction of three rivers that make up the Missouri River. The third river is the Brine River, which gives Lee's Summit its name. Because the town sits at such a strategic location, it is very convenient for travelers to travel from the North to the South sides of this amazing city. Lee's Summit offers many attractions such as the seasonal Lee's Summit Wine Trail and the popular Braided Waterfalls.

The history of Lee's Summit can be traced back to the eighteen fifty's when it was called Roaring Fork Lake. During this time it was primarily a destination for mining and other forms of industrial activity. The mining operation stopped, but the area was still known as Roaring Fork Lake. In nineteen seventy it was again used as a destination for mining and while the economy started to pick up again the name was retained because the place was still called Roaring Fork Lake.

The nineteenth-century brought another influx of settlers who came to live and settle in this area of western Missouri. By the twentieth century, there were over one hundred and fifty people living in this area. A new addition to this history was World War Two. Many soldiers were transferred to this area and lived in this home until the war was over. During the war, the homes of these soldiers were damaged and they were made to live in old barns. These barns are still standing today and they provide the perfect setting for a reunion.

A lovely feature of this area is the B&B's that are located there. You will find that the prices for room rates are moderate and they are well staffed by friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Most of these B&Bs have twenty-four-hour front desk staff so that customers have someone to talk to immediately when they arrive. This makes it easy for people to feel relaxed right away.

When one gets to Lreed's Summit, they will be able to take a hike up to the summit. As you approach the summit, you will see a plaque on the left side that states that it is the location of the American Visionary Museum. It is important to realize that the visionary museum was formed so that all past leaders of the United States can be recalled. Visitors who visit Lreed's Summit will be able to view many historical artifacts here.

You can also spend some time just relaxing at the overlook on Lreed's Summit. There are picnic tables and a fire pit just off the summit. The famous Lewis and Clark Memorial Trail make this an excellent afternoon excursion.

The most beautiful feature of Lreed's Summit would have to be its pine trees. These trees are over 100 years old and were planted by the United States government. The park also has an overlook that allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful night sky above.

Leed's Summit may not be as popular as it used to be, but it is still one of America's greatest natural wonders. The memories found here will last a lifetime. People from around the world come to visit once a year to take in all that this place has to offer. Many people also take advantage of the outdoor activities that are offered here. Whether you are looking for a peaceful vacation or you just want to unwind, Leed's Summit may be just what you are looking for.