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A few blocks from Jack London Square in Oakland, California, stands a new park called Attitudes in West Oakland. The name is tongue-in-cheek, but the concept is correct. It is a "park" that gives the tourist a free-roaming environment, like being on an open-air boat on the water or enjoying a stroll along the shore. In West Oakland, the Jack London Square area is located. It has been refurbished and is now host to outdoor concerts, street performers, and cultural events.

Oakland is a beautiful city on the west side of San Francisco Bay, California. Jack London Square has a statue of the famous author, who also frequented the place. Nearby, Old Oakland includes restored Victorian architecture, vintage shops and restaurants, and a small but quaint performing arts theater. Uptown is filled with trendy cafes, trendy shops, and chic restaurants, and includes an open-air ballet.

In addition to Jack London Square, Oakland has another major attraction attracting visitors: the Jack London Square Conservatory. Built-in 1960, it was designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The facility serves as an art museum. There are also exhibits in the adjacent San Pablo Bay waterfront area.

The Jack London Square area also hosts a popular children's playground known as Oakland's Happy Valley. It is a pleasant place for families, with an emphasis on playing in the sand. Children can run and play on grass, climb walls, slide downswings, and experiment with water. An indoor swimming pool, rope course, tennis courts, and several interactive games give parents an opportunity to relax while their children play.

A few blocks north of Jack London Square is the Jack London Square Theatre. This highly-rated venue attracts an eclectic crowd. It features two floors dedicated to the performing arts, and an area devoted to staging shows, musicals, movies, and karaoke. Several smaller venues also use the space.

Downtown Oakland offers a variety of dining options. Thai, Indian, and Chinese restaurants are available. One popular Asian restaurant, Max's Foods, has a location just south of the Jack London Square area on Telegraph Avenue. Other Asian locations include Jack Thai, Top Dog, Panda Express, and Golden Corral.

In addition to fine dining, Oakland has several cafes and coffee shops. Grisham's Deli, Cafe Oakland, and several local coffee shops offer quality products at reasonable prices. Alameda Point Park provides a great place to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the quiet. There are several park facilities, as well as an amusement park, a golf course, and several picnic places.

West Oakland is a working-class area. Many factories have moved into this area of Oakland, due to the lower cost of labor in the region. Some of these factories have been forced to move out of Oakland altogether, due to rising crime rates and pollution. This high crime rate has significantly reduced the number of manufacturing jobs in the area, however, these factory leftovers can be gained when businesses move to the nearby East Oakland hills.

The entertainment choices available to you in Oakland are many. You can enjoy live music at the First Avenue Music Center, or you can catch an all-nighter at one of the several comedy clubs that are located in the area. The East Oakland hills provide you with even more options, with multiple parks and gardens in the area. There is also the Jack London Square Film District nearby, which offers movie screenings, concerts, and other events.

Oakland also offers outdoor activities, such as nature walks and biking trails. Several major city rivers and streams offer fishing, tubing, swimming, kayaking, and boating. The water from the Bay is also very beautiful, as it spills into the East Bay. Other water sports that people in the area enjoy mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, and camping.

Oakland has many historic sites, including the Alhambra Palace, which was once used by the Spanish royalty. Theorie A. Bass Museum is another historical gem, featuring artworks, sculptures, and objects from the Renaissance era and beyond. The Hanger Green State Historic Site offers an abundance of nature trails and environmental programs. The Jack London Square Farmers Market is an all-day event that features fresh local foods and crafts, musical entertainment, and demonstrations of local produce.

For a slightly different type of cultural experience, the East Bay Express lets you travel to several neighborhoods in the area, each with its own distinct style. One is for the techno-savvy, who enjoys independent music and tours of popular spots. The other is geared toward a quieter lifestyle, with live music, theater, and comedy shows. And if you prefer a quieter place to eat, you can visit the Delano Restaurant, which serves up tasty food at a reasonable price. There are also seafood restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and coffee shops within walking distance. The East Bay Express is the perfect way to get to know some of the most unique and beloved places in the Bay Area, as well as to experience a different culture while living in the area.