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Have you ever wanted to go sightseeing in Overland Park, Kanawha County, Kansas? Overland Park lies just south of Overland Park, Kanawha County's capital city. It is located in Johnson County, Kansas, right where the Missouri River joins the Kansas River. In Overland Park, one can experience a wide variety of scenery that can span from historic bungalows to modern apartment complexes.

The Overland Park City Hall is one of the most distinctive buildings in Kansas City. It looks like a castle on a hill with its white dome and four pointed arches. It is one of the most important municipal buildings in the state of Kansas and is a part of the local treasure. It was designed by some of the best architects in the world and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The entire building is listed on the Hall of Fame for the State of Kansas and is known as the county's "icentennial Historic Building."

Overland Park City has a lot to offer to the visitor interested in sightseeing. There are many areas for strolling through nature, hiking, fishing, and boating. The Riverfront Park has many beautiful park paths where you can sit, walk or jog and enjoy the beauty of nature. For those people who prefer to do something active while sightseeing, there are many walking tours and bicycling tours available.

Just a short distance from Overland Park City is Kansas City itself, Kansas' capital city. Kansas City is a major economic center of the state and is known for its wide array of cultural activities, top colleges, and universities and relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. The riverfront areas downtown are lined with many bars and restaurants, while the jazz district is located downtown along the river. This area is also very popular among artists and musicians. Kansas City is a melting pot of culture and ethnicities, and there is a lot for visitors of all ages to experience in this area.

Just south of Overland Park City is Fort Varner, which is a Military post located in an excellent position for sightseeing. The fort contains a Civil War museum, where one can learn about the Civil War from leading historians and dig into the stories of some of its key battles. It is also home to a Civil War picnic. Other attractions include the Western Preserve, a nature preserve with nature trails through the area. Fort Henry, located north of downtown Kansas City, is a historic monument that contains an observation tower, a cannon, and other notable features.

North of Overland Park City is the Ozark Mountains, which runs east toward Branson, Moab, and Chariton. These mountains contain some of the finest wildflower plants, with several different varieties growing in the canyon. The best times to visit the mountains are spring, summer, and late winter. The beautiful Hot Springs Resort is located within the National Elk Refuge and is a great sightseeing location. Other attractions include the Branson Historical Society Museum, the Branson Mining Company Museum, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, an arty sightseeing route through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Just west of Overland Park City is Fort Benton, which is an Indian reservation site. The reservation was established in 1857 and is located on the reservations made by the United States Army. Fort Benton shelters several hundred Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians, as well as several other ethnic groups. Many tourists often travel to the reservation for the hot springs and other attractions.

Whether it is sightseeing, shopping, or Indian reservations, Overland Park City has many options for travelers. The city is located in Washington County and is about an hour's drive from Seattle. There are a number of local companies that can help with planning your vacation, whether it be for a day or a weekend trip.