Oxnard CA

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Sightseeing in Oxnard, California can be an unforgettable experience. Located on the scenic Santa Cruz coast, Oxnard is a seaside resort town west of Los Angeles. Its central historic museum displays modern art in a renovated library, built in 1906. Just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, nearby, early-19th century homes dot Heritage Square with palm trees, gardens, and outdoor seating.

On the Pacific Coast, Oxnard Beach Park offers a wide, sandy beachfront and green lawns, with great views of the Pacific Ocean. The park also has a beachside amphitheater and is a popular sightseeing destination during the warm months of the year. Nearby is the beachside village of Ventura. Ventura is home to Oxnard City Lake State Recreation Area, which features boating and picnic areas. It is also home to two state parks and has many fishing, swimming, hiking, and nature trails for outdoor recreation.

For those looking for a sightseeing tour with many beaches, Los Angeles is a wonderful place to visit. Many sightseeing tours of the city start or end in the Santa Barbara area, where there are many world-class beaches including Long Beach and the Santa Barbara channel. Other locales to view while sightseeing in Oxnard includes the San Joaquin Delta, Lassen National Park, Mount Sutro, Mount St. Tammany, and the Stanislaus River. In addition to beaches, Los Angeles also offers mountains, deserts, and desert landscapes. Sightseeing in Oxnard includes visiting the Hollywood Studios, Dodger Stadium, and the downtown Los Angeles skyline.

In Oxnard, there is also the Desert Highlands, which is not as well-known as some other sights. The area features many hiking trails and desert camping adventures. There are more than three miles of sand dunes in the middle of the desert, with steep cliffs covered with pine trees and cacti on the western side. The views from the top of the dunes include Butte Peak, the Pepsi Cola Building, the Great Depression memorial, and, on the southern side, the Tule Mountain House. Other attractions in the area include the Arco Quico National Monument, which was established by President Roosevelt to honor Quico, a Spanish visitor who died in an airplane crash.

Not to be missed while sightseeing in Oxnard are the numerous outdoor activities. There are miles of beautiful beaches, where one can swim, sunbathe, fishing and, of course, take part in the local folk festivals and dances. The most popular of these is the Folsom Street Fair, which runs every night from late September to early May, with street fairs ranging from free admission to $3. There are also shows held at various venues, and there are also many festivals, musical festivals, and potlucks featuring local talents.

For those traveling with children, sightseeing in Oxnard City in California should not be missed, especially since there are many attractions geared towards families. There are playgrounds in several locations, and there are also several museums featuring art, history, culture, and wildlife. There are also art studios for artists and craftspeople, as well as family-friendly family destinations, such as the Santa Barbara Zoo and the Children's Museum. There is also a great aquarium within a short walking distance from many of the attractions found within Oxnard City.

Sightseeing in Oxnard can also be found within the city of Santa Barbara, as there are several beaches to explore and a multitude of sightseeing options. There is the Santa Barbara Zoo, Balboa Park, Children's Museum, Santa Barbara Stadium, and several beach-related sights, including the Santa Barbara Pier. The Pacific Ocean is found within driving distance, and there are even golf courses within an easy driving distance. There are numerous restaurants within driving distance, as well as art galleries and museums.

Sightseeing in Oxnard City in California is sure to please any visitor, and those traveling with children will find that it offers so much to do. There are numerous sightseeing options located within a reasonable driving distance, and those who are looking to spend a bit of time out in the sun will find that they are unable to do so without going sightseeing. A visit to Oxnard can provide a variety of different activities, which means that visitors of all ages and interests can spend time sightseeing in this popular destination. There are plenty of attractions for all ages of tourists to enjoy in this scenic area of California.