St. Louis MO

Stores, Bank Branches, Pharmacies, etc.

St. Louis is a beautiful city in Missouri, situated along the Mississippi River and in the southwestern part of the state. This city was originally a French settlement but has now evolved into a major US economic hub. It is one of the most urbanized places in the US and has a very strong cultural and entertainment scene. There are many events that are held in St. Louis, from Blues baseball to festivals of all sorts. When it comes to traveling, this is a great place to visit.

What to do? A great place to see while in St. Louis is the St. Louis Zoo. The zoo features all kinds of animals, including a large collection of exotic animals. You can also enjoy a walk through the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, or take part in a guided tour of the entire city. There are many different attractions in the area, and you can find something to do just about anywhere.

Where to stay? St. Louis is not short on options when it comes to lodging. There are great luxury hotels all over the city. Hotels offer a variety of amenities and activities to enjoy. If you prefer something more down-to-earth, there are bed and breakfasts, inns, and rental homes available.

Where to eat? The food scene in St. Louis is just as diverse as its population. You can taste some of the best food in the country in the restaurants of this area. Many of these restaurants have been family-owned for generations. You can find some excellent dining where you feel right at home. In addition to traditional cuisine, you can also experience world-famous specialty foods.

Can't drive? There is no reason to be afraid of taking public transportation in and around the city. Buses go throughout the city and even have shuttles that bring visitors back to the downtown area. Taxis are also available for those who prefer to ride along.

Where can you visit without leaving home? The St. Louis Zoo is another stop that many travelers look forward to. It offers many hands-on activities and is one of the most visited attractions in the area. Take a moment to view the many displays and exhibits. Then find your way to the exhibits and learn how the animals live and move through their life. This is one of the favorite activities of parents with young children.

What to do outside? Blues clubs, museums, and outdoor concerts are some of the other things that people look forward to doing while in St. Louis. There is plenty to do in the area. Whether you enjoy boating, canoeing, hiking, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, or biking, you will find it among the finest in the world. The St. Louis Zoo and Conservatory are another place to enjoy an afternoon.

If you are staying in St. Louis hotel near the downtown area, then you will have easy access to the most interesting sites. Many have been sighted here and enjoyed their stay. A great place to start would be the Science Museum near the Midway. You will get to explore the area's history and the wonders of the universe. You can see a great deal in just one visit.

If you want to do something special along the way, then you might consider taking a St. Louis Bus Tour. It is definitely a good way to see the area. Take a tour from a professional bus service. They will bring you around and show you some of the sites. You can stop where you choose to enjoy the view.

If you enjoy history, then you will love the place that holds the US National Museum of Natural History. It houses a vast collection of fossilized and ancient artifacts as well as an enormous collection of earth and space history. The Science Museum nearby is another must-see site. It houses two main science museums, one focused on earth science and the other on space science. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy exhibits pertaining to history and education.

You do not have to spend money in St. Louis if you do not want to. There are inexpensive and fun ways to enjoy the sights and sounds in this lovely town. For instance, if you would like to spend some time at the riverfront, then you should consider renting a kayak or catamaran to explore the Mississippi River. You might also enjoy a boat ride on the Vermillion Flats, or taking a walking tour through the forest near the Ozark Mountains. No matter what your preference is, there are plenty of options for entertainment. Enjoy!