Tempe AZ

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If you're considering a move to Tempe, Arizona, you've probably heard of all the exciting attractions in this scenic town. Tempe is an urban area just east of Phoenix, Arizona. Its dramatic historic Tempe Center for the Arts, hosts musical concerts, dance, and drama shows. Also nearby, Tempe Town Lake's sparkling waters are dotted with plastic kayaks, paddleboards, and water skis.

Rowing on the waters of the Wells Fargo Arena is an exhilarating activity. Rising above the city, Hayden Butte has long been a favorite hiking destination. Sporting events and concerts are also held at Wells Fargo Arena. Just above, Tempe Town Lake's sparkling waters are dotted with years-old stone art. Climbing above the city, nearby, Tempe Mountain Park is home to mountain biking and other sports activities.

Breathtaking views of Pinal Springs will allow visitors to take in one of the world's most famous wonders. While you're here, stop by the Grand Canyon Walkway to get a close look at this man-made wonder. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build this walkway. One hundred fifty years ago, workers took a rough and bumpy path over 100 feet of sandstone to create this impressive pathway. Today, thousands of people take the walkway every day to experience this amazing natural phenomenon.

The National Park Visitor Center is another one of the Tempe attractions. Established in 1923, this Park offers information about its origins and the history of the area. In addition to the information found at the visitor center, there are many other things to do. Visitors can wander through the park's many fascinating gardens and historical buildings.

If you would prefer to spend your days outdoors while exploring Tempe City, why not try a hike? There are trails for every skill level. Of course, there is always the opportunity to enjoy the park in the comfort of your vehicle. You may want to bring your own lunch or umbrella as you make your way around the park.

For those who enjoy water activities, there are many places to fish in the Phoenix area. Tempe offers several options. Boat tours are a popular attraction and can be found throughout the city. Or, why not go sailing? Windsurfing and wakeboarding can be enjoyed all year long in Tempe.

For those who like the nightlife, the options are nearly endless. Enjoy a comedy show at the Funny Bones Fundraiser or catch a show at one of the Tempe venues that specialize in live music. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to experiencing a little entertainment during your visit to Tempe.

Even if you aren't interested in visiting any of these attractions in Tempe, you will still have an amazing time while you are in the area. The Tempe sunshine is second to none. After sunbathing, you'll need to get in some exercise to stay energetic and healthy. Tempe offers plenty of ways for tourists to enjoy themselves while they are in the area.

Although the main attractions in Tempe are located in the downtown area, you can still enjoy plenty of fun things to do in the other parts of the city. Check out the Fun Guys, the hottest comedy club in the world. There are many other hot spots to enjoy while you are in Tempe.

One of the most exciting things to do in Tempe is to spend a day at the zoo. The zoo is an all-ages facility that allows you to get up close and personal with many of the animals that call Tempe their home. You can also enjoy a tour of the other exhibits around the city.

One of the major attractions in Tempe is the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is a stunning art gallery that features works from some of the most notable artists in the world today. It is located inside the historic Sagebomon Building. There are also many other attractions in Tempe City in Arizona. The Tempe Grand Prix auto racing event is a very popular attraction. Visitors to the racetrack can enjoy the excitement as well as the chance to make some extra money.

If you are looking for a place to eat during your stay in Tempe, you will not be disappointed by the delicious cuisine that is offered here. Mexican restaurants are plentiful in the city, and many of them offer the best food that you will have the opportunity to enjoy while you are visiting Tempe. Drinks and desserts can be enjoyed as well. In addition, there are many fantastic bars and pubs that you can visit while you are in Tempe.