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Tyler, Texas, is a beautiful place to visit. The place is known as a growing center for red rose cultivation. In particular, in spring, hundreds of rose bushes line the lush lawns of the famous Tyler Municipal Rose Garden. The Tyler Rose Museum studies the rich history of this town's annual Texas Rose Festival.

Houses in Tyler are a great choice for investment due to their value and state of preservation. Many of these houses have been restored to their former glory and are fit for investment. The museum, for one, houses many Civil War artifacts. This includes an iron maiden skull that once graced the front page of a major newspaper. Additionally, there is an elegant, seven-story limestone residence constructed in 1860 on the site of an old brick-road Bridge across the Creek.

The Tyler Theater has many performances year-round. This venue is known for being among the best theatres in the entire world. During the summer months, music lovers will enjoy complimentary summer concerts. There are many popular musical acts that come to the venue. Most notably, the opera "The Merchant of Venice" is often staged here.

Tyler is also a place where many worthwhile museums can be found. For example, there is The Performing Arts Center, which offers a wide variety of exhibits, including contemporary art, dance, video art, media studies, film studies, and visual arts. If food is more your style, then you should explore the restaurants and cafes in downtown Tyler. For bookworms, the University of Texas - Austin's Bailey House is a perfect place to satisfy your appetite.

Tyler is also one of America's leading natural history museums. Its Natural History Museum contains numerous artifacts and displays about the earth and the vast untapped wonderings of our planet. Other popular attractions in this museum include the dinosaur track and a recreation of a dinosaur bone found in Caveman's Caverns. The Tyler Morning Sun is also a great place to read up on the latest scientific discoveries and news. In addition, the Aquarium at Freedom Hall is a must-visit for those interested in marine life and the natural world.

A little-known but wonderful side of Tyler is its historic architecture. Many of the older buildings have intricate designs and are considered to be among the finest examples of American architecture. One notable structure in this area is the Bank of America branch on Main Street. A visit to this landmark will give you a unique view into the lives of the rich and famous in the city. The bank of America branch has been immortalized in the movie, "Lucky Number Slevin" and many books, as well.

Tyler is home to the annual Book Festival. This event is known for having one of the largest book selections of any city in the United States. Additionally, several national and local authors are often featured at the festival, along with other notable speakers and entertainers. One of these speakers is former Attorney General Janet Reno. You will be able to learn a little bit about the experiences that Reno had while serving in this position.

Tyler is also home to many local boutiques and specialty stores. A few of these include Bucky's Barbeque and Jerry's BBQ. These stores are perfect for anyone who loves to dine out and have a good time. These shops are also located in some of the top tourist attractions in the area. One of these attractions is the Cotton House, which is the birthplace of folk music. There are many other locations in the area that cater to the traveler's needs.